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Posted: 2010-09-24 | by: Jon Brunberg

We are proud to present a new, revised, and re-designed, edition of the two winning essays in the Utopian World Championship at Göteborg Book Fair 2010. The books are published by Raketa Press with support from The Foundation for the Culture of the Future. The first volume includes the essay ´The New Word Disorder´, by the pseudonym T.R.O.Y., and the second volume has the title ´From Youth Maturity to Global Government - The Utopian Tapestry´ - and was written by the Professor Emeritus in anthropology, Mr Cyril Belshaw. You´ll find us in booth B07:27. Read more at http://utopianwc.com. Welcome!


Talk with Anthony T. Fiscella

Saturday, September 25 at 4-5pm
Göteborg Book Fair 2010, booth B07:27

Jon Brunberg, one of the initiators of the Utopian World Championship, talks to the winner of the first U.W.C. in 2001, Anthony T. Fiscella, about his essay "The New World Disorder," and his view on utopianism and politics and the role of Utopias in contemporary society. Anthony T. Fiscella is a researcher in the field of history of religion at the University of Lund and has recently written a book on anarchy and Islam.


The third Utopian World Championship has started!

Join the quest for Utopia by participating in the Utopian World Championship, which is a global, open contest in utopian thinking and writing. You participate with an essay, or short story, in which you describe your utopian vision. The first prize is 1000 Euro and the winning entry will be printed and distributed by the UWC group. The competition is planned to finish in 2011 to mark the ten-year anniversary of its start in 2001. You can sign up for registration at the web site http://utopianwc.com, where you can also read the rules for the previous championships, and all about the previous participants and their essays.

Documentation från The Knot

From June 24 to July 4, 2010, the Utopian World Championship was presented in the project The Knot in Ursynów, Warsaw. Read more about the events at http://utopianwc.com och på http://knotland.org.