Utopian World Championship


The last set of rules that were in effect were those applied to the second championship in 2003-2005. As the rules may change significantly when the next round takes place they must serve as an example of what the rules for participating entries could look like.

The course of the competition

The Utopian World Championship 2003 (hereby called UWC03) is open for participation to everyone. You enter the championship by submitting your personal data to our database. SOC chooses when to close the door for new participants. In the end of 2002 the complete set of rules and the schedule for the competition will be announced.

To enter the championship

You can only enter UWC03 by using the special form at www.soc.nu/utopian. This is the only way to enter UWC03. We do not under any circumstances accept submissions by e-mail or regular post. Incomplete and indecipherable applications will not be accepted. When the participant has submitted the form he/she will be assigned an account from SOC.Stockholm. With a unique username and password the participant will get access to the special form he/she must use in order to publish his/her proposal.

Only ONE account a person is allowed.
NEW! Teams composed of more than one person are allowed to participate, but ONE PERSON have to sign up as a contact and it name of the group must be declared in info about the participant .

All the participants will be published on the homepage www.soc.nu/utopian with name, sex, birth year, profession, city, country of residence, e-mail address, web page and with their statements. We will not publish postal addresses, nor telephone numbers. Note that first and last name, sex and date of birth cannot be altered after the submission.

It is very important that a correct postal address is given when applying. SOC.Stockholm will contact the participants by regular mail. Giving an incorrect postal address may lead to disqualification.

To leave the UWC03

You may leave UWC03 for good and erase all data about yourself from the database. This can be done on your profile page. Note that this is not possible anymore once you have published your proposal. We cannot restore erased data.

Privacy and personal data

The participant agrees to let SOC.Stockholm use the contributions and personal data of the participants for marketing and documentation purposes. The participants' personal data will however under no circumstances be revealed or sold to a third party unless permission has been given by the person in question. SOC agrees to as far as possible protect the personal data given by participant. If such information in spite of this is revealed the participant agrees not to make SOC responsible for any damage or loss.

Participants who have not submitted a text in due time, whose contribution does not meet the above-mentioned requirements, or whose contribution is apparently flippant will be disqualified.


The winner will receive US$ 1000. The winner's contribution will be considered a public document, which will be presented to heads of State, governments, and other officials though out the world. Any taxes that may arise have to be paid by the winner in his/her country.


SOC.Stockholm can at any point and without further notice disqualify a participant.

SOC.Stockholm has the right to cancel and re-announce the competition if it were suspected that irregularities or cheating has been performed, the election has been manipulated, or due to any other cause.

SOC.Stockholm has the right to change or modify the rules at any point of the competition.

SOC.Stockholm and the expert panel may choose to re-announce the contest if they find it impossible to select a worthy contribution.

SOC.Stockholm cannot be claimed responsible for costs or damage brought down on a user in connection with participation in the UWC03. Participants are solely responsible for the content of their contributions and stand under the jurisdiction of his/her country. This service is delivered as it is and no demands can be put on its function.