Utopian World Championship


The Public Opinion, Kulturhuset 2002

We launched the second Utopian World Championship with a whole different set of expectations than the first time around. Our hope was that the attention the project recieved in 2001 and 2002 would increase the number of participants and the overall quality of submissions. T.R.O.Y.s comprehensive, innovative and well-written essay from 2001 had raised the bar significantly. So, I believe, had our choice of jury. We had proven that our venture was a serious effort and not a gimmick.

When the submission process was gaining traction in spring 2004 it was clear that we would not be disappointed. On the deadline for registering for participation we had 153 willing contestants. Of those, 23 went the whole way and posted summaries and their final essays. That number was not so much higher than in 2001 but there were significant differences. The posted essays were generally much longer than in the previous round, and their quality and diversity excellent. It was obvious to us that the election process would be much more demanding this time around.

To be able to treat the comprehensive material we had, we created a reference group that would make a first selection of entries. The essays were split among its members and a system of recommendations, reports and discussions led to a vote to select eight entries for the final. Those were then read and evaluated by our expert jury, composed of two experienced scholars. They would cast one vote each for their favourite and a the reference group's favourite would count as a third, and in this case decisive, vote.

In the exiting process that followed Mr. Cyril Belshaw, a Professor Emeritus in Anthropology from Vancouver emerged as the winner with two votes out of three. The teacher Per Norbäck came in second, pushing Ted Trainer, who for a long time looked like the champion, down to the third place. Mr. Belshaw travelled to Sweden to recieve his prize at the UWC 2005 Gala that was held in Stockholm in April 2005.

This section contains all information you need about the second Utopian World Championhip, including all participating essays. Enjoy your quest for Utopia!