Utopian World Championship


The reference group has over the last two months worked with the task to read the competing proposals, to evaluate them and to vote on the entries that they believe should enter the UWC finals. They have made an outstanding effort in this work. Below you will find short a short presentation of each person.

Jon Brunberg, 40, Stockholm, Sweden.

Jon Brunberg works as an artist and webmaster and became a member of SOC.Stockholm 1999. He is one of two project managers for the Utopian W.C. He graduated with a masters degree from University College of Art Craft and Design in Stockholm in 1996. More info on his work can be found at http://www.brunberg.se. His latest project is the Polynational War Memorial, see http://www.war-memorial.net.

Annika Drougge, 41, Stockholm, Sweden

Annika Drougge works as an artist and pedagogue. Founding member of the artistic collaboration SOC.Stockholm in 1999. Together with Johan Malmström she runs the long term project " Two Cosmic Anuses", an interactive strategy for incorporation and mind developing. She is one of two project managers for the Utopian WC.


Anthony.T. Fiscella, Malmö, Sweden

Anthony T. Fiscella is a student of the Sociology of Religion soon working on his Master's thesis at Lund University. Also, in 2005 he'll be presenting a paper in Zagreb, Croatia about states as sects: a comparison between the United States and North Korea. The winner in the first Utopian W.C. 2001.


Mats Frick, 36, Stockholm, Sweden.

Mats Frick has an education in business administration from the University of Stockholm with a masters degree from the Marketing Academy in 1997. At the moment he's writing a dissertation about the meeting between economy, management and architecture. In his research he's particularly interested in the role of play and aesthetics within economy and management.


Karin Johansson-Mex, Malmö, Sweden

Karin Johansson-Mex works as a producer for cultural and political projects. One of the last things on her agenda was the Skåne Social Forum, inspired by the World Social Forum. Skåne Social Forum was organised for the second time in 2004 and 7300 people showed up to the program that went on for 4 days.


Johan Malmström, 41, Stockholm, Sweden

Johan Malmström is an artist who has been involved in several collaborative experiments over the last years. His aim is to find radical ways of artistic interactions in society and to transfer that energy into projects and statements. He has been running art-projects together with Annika Drougge for almost ten years. Founding member of SOC.Stockholm.


Alexandra Martins, 28, Lisbon, Portugal.

Alexandra Martins works in a bank and is taking her Masters in Political Science at ISCSP (Superior Institute of Social and Political Sciences) in Lisbon. Her areas of study and interest are the Role of the Hero and Utopian Studies.


Sonja Schmer-Galunder, 31, Malmö, Sweden

Sonja Schmer-Galunder has a master's degree in Anthropology with a bachelor's in Economics. Her research interests include Psychological Anthropology, Gender Studies, Globalisation and Identity, and time perception.