Utopian World Championship


The Utopian World Championship is an open, global competition in utopian thinking and writing. We launched the first competition in March 2001 and have since had the honour to crown two Utopian World Champions.

An American student and activist living in Sweden, who submitted his essay under the pseudonym T.R.O.Y., was elected the winner of the first championship in 2001 for his essay The New Word Disorder. The Canadian Professor Emeritus in anthropology, Mr Cyril Belshaw, won the second in 2005 with his essay From Youth Maturity to Global Governance - The Utopian Tapestry.

The first prize in this contest is the equivalent of about 10,000 Swedish Krona in Euro. We also undertake to print the winning essays and distribute them to Heads of State, governments, organisations and other institutions. The documents are also available on our website for anyone to download and redistribute.

The course of the competition has, with some exceptions, been the same for the two rounds that have been completed so far. We have launched each round by issuing a call for entries and by offering those who want to participate to register on this website during a limited period of time. The participants thereafter had several months to work on their essays and to post them on the website, at which point they also became available to the public. The first selection round produced a number of finalists, elected either by a reference group or by public vote, after which an expert jury and representatives of SOC.Stockholm read and evaluated the finalists’ essays with the task to elect one winner. The name of the winner was announced at a public gala night, for which we also printed a first edition of the winning essay. During an extensive period after the gala we distributed the document, before the next round of the championship commenced. Read more about the history of the championship here.

The Utopian World Championship is organised by the artist and webmaster Jon Brunberg and the artist and pedagogue Annika Drougge. Contact Jon Brunberg for all inquiries about the Utopian W.C.

E-mail: jon@brunberg.se
Mobile phone: +46 (0)7-314 36 92