Utopian World Championship


Rebecka Lettervall

Photo: Björn Larsson

Rebecka Lettevall is a Doctor of Philosophy. She is a researcher at Lund University and her focus is the relation between the cosmopolitic and the patriotic. Her dissertation, a contribution to the history of ideas, is a study of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant's monograph Zum ewigen Frieden (Perpetual peace) and its influence over time. R.L. teaches at the University College of Södertörn in Stockholm an has a past as journalist and publisher.

Edward W. Soja

Photo: Andres Roderiguez-Pose (source: UCLA)

Professor at the UCLA in the Department of Urban Planning. Visiting Centennial Professor in the Cities Programme at London School of Economics.

Professor Soja teaches in the regional and international development area of Urban Planning and in a new field he describes as critical urban studies. After starting his academic career as a specialist on Africa, Dr. Soja has focused his research and writing over the past 20 years on making practical and theoretical sense of the urban restructuring processes that have so dramatically changed the Los Angeles region since the 1960s. His wide-ranging studies of Los Angeles bring together traditional political economy approaches with new critical cultural studies of race, class, and gender; and a particular sensitivity to what he calls the "spatiality of social life."

In addition to his work on urban restructuring in Los Angeles, Dr. Soja continues to write about how social scientists and philosophers think about space and spatiality, especially in relation to how they think about time and history. He is the author of Postmodern Geographies (1989), Thirdspace (1996), and, most recently, Postmetropolis: Critical Studies of Cities and Regions (2000).


Bo Södersten

Bo Södersten started his academic career with a Master of Political Science at Uppsala University. Later he went on to London School of Economics, Harward and MIT. 1964 he defended his doctor's thesis in Stockholm. He started as a researcher and later professor at Lund University but soon he went on to University of California, Berkeley where he held a professorial chair. He returned to Sweden in 1971, also the publishing year of the first edition of his famous textbook on international economics. During the eighties he lived in Stockholm and there he became a member of parliament representing the Swedish Social Democratic Party. After several years as a professor at Lund University he came to Jönköping International Business School when his wife Birgit Friggebo became Governor of the County of Jönköping.

In addition to this, Professor Södersten has written a great number of books and also taken active part in society as debater and critic, mainly in the Swedish newspapers Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter and Sydsvenska Dagbladet. (source text/photo: IHH)

Sverker Sörlin

Sverker Sörlin is professor of environmental history at the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Umeå, Sweden. His interests encompass a wide range of problems in the fields of history of science, environmental history, research policy, human ecology, and third world issues. Since jan 1 2000 he is director and head of research at the Swedish Institute for Studies of Education and Research in Stockholm. He was Associate Director at the Center for History of Science at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1988-1990, visiting professor at The University of California, Berkeley 1993 and Swedish scholar at the European Commission 1995. He is a member of the board for Commission International pour l'Histoire des Universités and was a member of The Swedish Governments Research Advisory Board 1994-98. He is a member of IVA (Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences), a board member of The Swedish Museum of Natural History, Vice President of The Journalist Foundation and 1997-99 board member of the Swedish National Board of Antiquities. 1986-1991 he was editor of Tvärsnitt: Humanistisk och samhällsvetenskaplig forskning, a popular journal published by the Swedish Council for Humanities and the Social Sciences and writes since 1985 for the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

In English, French and German he has published numerous articles and essays, and co-edited two books. Among his books in Swedish are Naturkontraktet (The Nature Contract; 1991), a history of Western ideas on nature that was nominated for the 1992 August prize of non-fiction.