Utopian World Championship

SOC.Stockholm proudly presents the winner in the first Utopian World Championship 2001: T.R.O.Y.

SOC.Stockholm and the jury congratulates T.R.O.Y for his well-deserved prize.

The winner was announced at the Utopian World Championship Gala at Galleri Enkehuset in Stockholm on the 19:th of january. A symbolic check of 1000 USD was given to T.R.O.Y. by the conferenciere Tobias Sjödin. Speeches on utopia were held by the juror Prof. Sverker Sörlin and the philosopher Sven-Olov Wallenstein as well as by the winner himself. The night ended with a big party. [Photos from the gala]

In their motivation for the winner, the jury wrote: "T.R.O.Y:s entry 'The New World Disorder - a global network of direct democracy and community currency' has been chosen for the first prize by a clear majority of the jury. The jury finds that the winning contribution addresses important issues belonging to utopian thinking; visions of a better, future world; insights into what is causing problems today; implicit, or explicit, critique on prevailing systems; and last but not least, a location within the realm of possibility. " [the whole motivation]

The winning proposal, T.R.O.Y:s entry "The New World Disorder - a global network of direct democracy and community currency" as well as the motivation from the jury and additional texts on the notion of utopia have been compiled into a document that we will distribute to heads of state, various fora and individuals all over the world. You can download the first version of this document as a PDF-file (500 kb). [download page]

Working with The Utopian World Championship 2001 has indeed been very inspiring and we would like to thank all the participants, the jury and all other people and institutions that have helped us to realize this contest. Thanks also to our financial supporters The Foundation for Future Culture and The Swedish Art Grants Committée.

On this web site you can still read all the proposals, participate in utopian discussions and get continious reports about the competition, and last but not least: in a couple of months we will call for participation to the next utopian WC 2003, so stay tuned!



T.R.O.Y. Photo by Karin Johansson-Mex