Utopian World Championship


The election process in this edition of the championship turned out to be quite challenging because of the comprehensive and well written contributions. We therefore decided to omit the popular vote that was a part of the first competition and instead compose a reference group that would read a number of essays each. The reference group would be composed of people from various disciplines (such as: anthropology, visual arts, event production, economics, social sciences and sociology of religion) and chosen from our network of contacts.


In the first round each of the eight jurors in the reference group nominated one essay each to a semi-final and of those shortlisted an internal ballot was cast to get five finalist. The essay that would end up at the top of the list would also be the reference group's nominee for the final round. The table below shows the distribution of points among the eight semifinalists.

No 4 Cyril Belshaw 30
No 24 Ted Trainer 24
No 18 Ciprian Pater 18
No 6 Robley George 14
No 15 Per Norbäck 14
No 5 Neli Demireva 11
No 12 Mytchell Mead 9
No 17 Aisling O'Beirn 0

After this ballot was cast we called in the expert jurors Professor Tom Moylan and Dr. Lyn Carson who were assigned the task to read and evaluate the five essays and cast one vote each on their favourite essay to win the championship. They were also asked to write a statement in which they would motivate their choice.


Prof. Moylan voted for Cyril Belshaw's essay and Dr. Carson voted for Per Norbäck's. This meant that Cyril Belshaw's essay got two out of three points which gave him the title Utopian World Champion 2004.

Read the juror's statements here.