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Posted: 2005-03-01 | by: Jon Brunberg

The Utopian World Championship Gala is the public grand finale of the competition, at which we will publicly announce the winner of the championship. We are proud to announce that this edition's gala will be held on April 1, 8-11 pm at the renowned arts venue Färgfabriken at Lövholmsbrinken 1 in Liljeholmen. Please note that information about date and time can be subject to change. We will try to make this a sparkling and dynamic event where lectures on complex issues dealing with utopia will be mixed with entertaining performances and presentations. The program will incude lectures by invited guest speakers, multimedia presentations and music performances and most important - the announcement and presentation of the winner of the contest. The night will end in a utopian party. We will update this page continually with the latest information on the gala programme. Please visit Färgfabrikens web site for more information on their activities.