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Posted: 2006-10-04 | by: Jon Brunberg

In a new series of postings at this website we will present a series of documents from the last Utopian World Championship gala and conference and the world tour, starting with the conference that was held on April 3, 2005 on the day after the gala. We invited three of the championship´s competitors and guests to discuss issues dealing with utopia in general and especially in relation to the competitor´s proposals. The documents from the conference will be published in four parts and include transcripts photos and audio- and video clips from the two-hour long meeting. Participating in the conference were: Dr. Cyril Belshaw: 1st prize UWC 2005. Vancouver, Canada T.R.O.Y.: 1st prize UWC 2002, juror of UWC 2005. Malmö, Sweden Per Norbäck: 2nd prize UWC 2005. Vallentuna, Sweden Tellervo Kalleinen: guest. Helsinki, Finland Oliver Kalleinen: guest. Helsinki, Finland Tuomas Finne: guest. Helsinki, Finland Jon Brunberg, UWC project leader, Stockholm, Sweden Annika Drougge, UWC project leader, Stockholm, Sweden CONTINUE TO PART 1