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Posted: 2009-09-12 | by: Jon Brunberg

It is time for the Utopian World Championship to open up the shop again. To let in some sun and air in and dust off and rearrange the furniture. The fresh start is not only about the new, redesigned and re-programmed website and the new domain name, utopianwc.com, which reflects the fact that this project is not run by the group SOC.Stockholm anymore. We will soon announce new events and cooperations, and continue to publish material from the previous events. We are, in short, picking up the work where we left it four years ago. In the meantime we have restored all the participating essays, and present them in a more reader-friendly design. The essays from 2001 will follow shortly. You can also join our Vimeo group Utopia, which is dedicated to videos about the subject, including of course our own documentation videos. Welcome once again to the Utopian World Championship!