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Posted: 2003-04-18 | by: Jon Brunberg

We have been invited to participate in two events in Southern Sweden in the month of May to present the Utopian World Championship.

On May 7-9 the city of Lund will be the scene for “Skåne Social Forum”, the most important conference based on the Social Forum model in Scandinavia. During this weekend Lund Contemporary Arts Centre arranges a three day event with art on the main square under the name “Skåne Social Art Forum – Utopi Station”. For the event the curator Caroline Lund have invited 15 artists or that “works with current political issues in a critical and innovatiove way. This event is a challenge by trying the way contemporary art can activate, influence and inspire to critical reflection in public space.” Most artistic events and installations will be concentrated to the main square in the city center with lectures in the Art Centre on Sunday 9th.

On May 23 we have been invited to hold a lecture at the annual party conference for the Swedish Green Party. We are honoured that one of the main parties in Sweden chose to invite us to find inspiration to work for a better future. More information on this event, which will take place in Ronneby on the south coast of Sweden will be posted here in a few weeks time.