Utopian World Championship


By shishir gupta

Competition year: 2004
Place: 9
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Utopian W.C. 2004







Greed overcame everything else and consumed the people and their environment resulting in widespread disorder requiring extensive rebuilding is a scenario comfortably built by doomsday soothsayers giving entire discount to the indomitable human will nourished by the omniscient powers of self interest and survival. Great depression of 1930s, two world wars, innumerable natural and man made disasters, bilateral wars, famines, floods, fires, earthquakes, nuke bombings, terrorist strikes, AIDS, SARS and any other calamity worth the name has not been able to even partially affect the continuity of the human existence not to talk about leaving total disorder requiring rebuilding afresh. On the contrary with each passing day the human fabric brightens further in texture and instead of showing signs of shredding and tattering shows signs of further strengthening. We have survived centuries of lives and would continue to do so-amen!

There was a film version of doomed futuristic human existence in which man made robotic equipment overtook the humanity and raged a full annihilation war -changing the landscape of earth from that of a prosperity to a totally pitiable ravage-interestingly at the end of the film the heroics of a group of human volunteers had managed to overcome the robotic revolution and restored to humanity its chance to rebuild. Similarly in another popular film entire earth was invaded by an alien race with far superior destruction technology as yet human ingenuity and will prevailed in getting over the alien invasion by destroying the mother ship. In another film the human matrix program was preserved from the predatory impact of "agents" and "viruses". It is not that I am fond of perennial watching of Hollywood fare and get unduly influenced by it so much so as to include their direct mention in a serious project such as this. However the fact remains that these films were exactly equivalent opinions to any other serious doomsday predictions and were made by a set of thinking artists who were commercially convinced that such ideas could be sold in movie theatres the world over and thereby seen by millions. That these ideas were entertainingly packaged and sold well does not imply that millions now believe that doomsday is round the corner-how many of us believe that there is a human matrix program and that it is under threat from "agents" and "viruses" who are besotted with the greed of controlling earth. Recent two space missions have indicated that Mars is an inhospitable and uninhabited terrain; in the light of the level of space technology we have and the present state of evidence of existence of aliens/UFOs in our secret coffers how many believers would be left in an artistic rendering of a highly advanced and predatory alien mother ship invading earth and forcing US President into a fighter pilot role for a last bid pitch battle to save earth. Such doomsday predictions truly belong to the genre’ of remote possibilities and exist more on artistic thought planes than on reality planes. Let us take a concrete example of a widespread human threat on reality plane. Internet is narrowing global distances like never before and is a communication network that demands only the increasingly cheapening equipment. More of our lives are turning dependent on it as we spread the net far and wide. If one were to imagine a fatal virus that would definitively immobilize all networks and bring internet to a complete halt -the situation is being faced by the internet users and administrators with other variants of lesser intensity viruses which are systematically and commercially battled each day-what might be the time period for which the internet may remain immobilized-I can personally foresee and millions might nod along with me that it would not be for much long before a solution was found and/or standby systems go online. The virus would be classed ‘fatal’ when it struck and as “just another virus with patch” available when it is tackled. How many cases of SARS are now being reported in media-may be one or may be two? What is the fate of biological strands/virus carrying “letter bombs”? Is Iraq not returning to normalcy after Saddam Hussein? Are people not living on long troubled Gaza Strip? Is anybody still talking of serious threat of economic turmoil throwing public life in disorder in Asian crisis economies? Is Mexican debt trap of the same proportion as it was a decade back? Is AIDS threat still as endemic as when it was years back? We came here for good and we will only get better and in any period we did not do anything bad enough to lead to our total destruction, annihilation or even cause serious and lasting damage to ourselves. In quest of this “better” I, me and you are in search of a “UTOPIA”.


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