Utopian World Championship

Utopia5:The rescue and re-making of humankind through a Social-Market system

By Armando Ernesto Alferez

Competition year: 2001
Place: 2
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This utopia presents certain ideas that could contribute to the improvement of human existence. In order to do this the system bases itself on several premises. Firstly, this utopia believes that a lot of the problems that humans suffer right now are the result of the search and maximisation of power to satisfy needs and unlimited wants. As a result it is imperative to regulate this unequal existence of power while improving the social conditions as well as the material and immaterial wealth of all humans. Secondly, this utopia believes that in order to restore international peace and to achieve a future for human kind, it is necessary to improve countries internally first. This can be achieved by using successful measurements from different social systems such as market oriented, respect of human life and dignity, effective organization of masses, social engineering and other measurements that help create a fair and more rewarding system for all individuals. Even thought it may sound like something that exists in some systems right now, these actual systems fail on the implementation of their policies and due to the ambiguity and vagueness of their goals, which give room to social, economic, environmental and political problems. Thirdly, just like in any successful business organisation, the happier its members are the more productive they become and the more they tend to work towards personal and collective goals. Next, it cannot be agreed on many things in the international sphere and avoid fierce competition among countries, unless the standard of living of all humans is improved and guaranteed first. As a result, it is expected that individuals will favour this philosophy of mutual cooperation and right planning to bring great rewards for all individuals without the need to manipulate or to turn against each other. Finally once things improve among humans and the environment then humans can start developing projects of immense magnitude that for today's standards seem unreachable, such as the discovery and colonisation of new worlds, in which humanity may continue and be able to look after the resources in these new places and continue life.

Almost every material and immaterial thing created by humans, through history, has been used to obtain power. Such as Money, weapons, strength, social concepts, beauty, art, language and any other devices utilised to obtain control and authority. But what is power? In a blunt sense, Power is the ability to do or achieve what you want despite opposition or the ability to resist anybody else's wishes. Despite of being a narrow definition, it is important to understand what it means. Power can be interpreted as the ability to obtain or achieve an end. Through power individuals can guarantee themselves the satisfaction of needs and maximisation of utilities. The need to achieve power to maximise material utility brings a fierce competition amount humans, which is unhealthy and destructive in a great extent. In this struggle individuals with more power have been more successful in the acquisition and monopolisation of resources. This survival of the strongest or the fittest turn humans against each other and bring a lot of destruction.
The need to maximise power and material utility is taking humans to their own destruction. Such destruction has a great impact on the environment and the resources that keep people alive such as food, clean air and water. Further, humans are not only destroying nature but themselves. The actual political and economic world system is contributing a great deal to this destruction. This system of survival of the fittest leave certain individuals unprotected against poverty and injustices. This creates a constant struggle to survive in a harsh world, escalating problems like hatred, distrust and antagonism. Surprisingly, somehow some individuals seem to benefit out this system more than others and this can be seen on some social and economic inequalities in societies, which affect negatively human life and dignity. Lastly, humans are destroying themselves through the usage of weapons of mass destruction to achieve their own interests. Individuals that see violence as the best way to obtain or maintain their power promote this disrespect for life. From this point of view "human kind destruction seems a possibility".
Now, why have humans needed for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years this competition for power? A good explanation is given by the Buddhists: "once everything was just fine among humans but one day people lost confidence in the way things were going and they got anxious and disappointed". So instead of concentrating on that feeling and deal with it in order to face the problem, people panicked and started to use any means to obtain and keep the things they lacked of. In addition, they started to discover that certain qualities over others could give you what you want. So they used them in order to be at the top and tried to justify them and deny other peoples' qualities in order to stay in power. However, strength and the ability to physically harm or kill somebody has always been the ultimate and strongest way to achieve and exercise power and to obtain or protect interests throughout history.


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