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Armando Ernesto Alferez: Utopia5:The rescue and re-making of humankind through a Social-Market system

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So what do we do?

Through a responsible organisation certain tasks must be developed. Firstly, the standard of living and well being of every citizen must be improved and secured. At the same time, the means to obtain power and its abuse must be regulated and moderated to protect citizens' life and well-being. Then it is important to educate the population so they can become aware of their real situation and to regain that confidence lost, so there is no need to try to manipulate things or situations. This responsibility should rest on the government. As a result a new conception of government is needed, but not as a supreme authority. Instead government could be better visualised as a "Human Welfare Management". The government would be like any individual or institution, which applies for a job and the best candidate gets the job. In this sense, the government owes and responds to its employers, which are each and every citizens of a country. Further, it is necessary to take the power from the government and give it to the entire population through bills of rights that recognise all types of possible violations against any individual. The government is given a chance to prove itself according to guidelines and the fulfilment of the human rights and development of a nation. If the government seems unable to solve problems, or unwilling, or try to use any mean to take the power back from the population, it would be replaced by another suitable group through elections. The aim of this is to secure and deliver the conditions that every citizen deserves and expects out of this Welfare Management system. Consequently, citizens will be more motivated to work for individual and collective goals. In other words, this system will incentive instead of putting restrictions on individuals to achieve their goals.


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