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Posted: 2010-07-06 | by: Jon

The inflatable, colorful "elephants" of the Knot were beautifully lit up by the sun, as it was starting its descent behind Kopa Cwila, when the opening ceremony for the third Utopian World Championship started on 7:30 pm Saturday July 4, 2010. It was indeed the most beautiful setting for this short but intense event that lasted around 15 minutes. I started my opening speech at the foot of the hill and moved slowly upwards towards the Knot, switching between a wireless microphone and a megaphone, keeping in contact with Markus Bader at the top of the hill, while making announcements to the audience at the top of the hill, passers-by and park-dwellers. I declared the third UWC officially opend when I arrived at one of the hilltops and it was followed by a rain of confetti and delicious snacks made by the Knot´s cooking unit. The third Utopian World Championship was finally underway, on the track. Again. It was a great feeling.

A few hours before this event the website opened for registration, which means that you can now submit your e-mail adress if you are and interested participant. We will get back to you when the competition proceeds with further instructions. We ask you to have patience since it may take a while until the next phase continues. We are only in the beginning of the process at this moment and we look forward to an inspiring and adventourus journey into new, uncharted utopian territories.

You are of course warmly welcome to participate, and join our journey, our quest for Utopia.

Photos from top:

1. Overview of Kopa Cwila
2. The UWC Helpdesk
3. Preparation of Utopian banquet food
4. The opening banquet

Photos from the opening ceremony at Facebook