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Posted: 2010-06-29 | by: Jon Brunberg

The last days the Knot has been boiling with a workshop frenzy that amazes me. Its a level of frenzy which is only matched by the kids that fervently jump around in the white ball-filled play-landscape.

A series of structures are now being built in and around the Knot by the three workshop groups. At the foot of this beautiful hill the group led by Anders and Erik from Testbedstudio has created a big football pitch that cuts through the existing park. A tower is being built at the very top of the hill by another group led by Peter Fattinger and the group led by the guys from Office for Subversive Architecture have fenced off a very small area in the slope in a comment to the neighbouring gated community.

I have myself started to build a desk in the slope, which will serve as a slightly absurd information desk for the UWC while I am here. Meanwhile I am producing information materials of various forms and shapes for the announcement of the third UWC on Saturday evening.

Another event in which I am participating that is coming up at the Knot, is ´Reading for Art Workers´ on thursday night, which includes a chapter from Manuel de Landas book ´A new Philosophy of Society´, which is a critique, as far as I understand, of the idea that a there is such a thing as a society as a whole. It is going to be very interesting to participate not the least because Utopian writing tend to be narrations of just such holistic societal models.