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John Edmund Kimber Darling: A Theory on How to Become a Utopia

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But on the other hand, they seem to be united as a nation and as a democracy and can stand up together as one, with overwhelming force and crash evil and adversity. Moreover, that bully-of-a-nation did save my country, and many more countries, in World War 2. They have also done some pretty good things. They have put a little over a dozen people on the Moon, and they invented the Internet, which, may I add, is pretty dam cool.

If the combined scientific, technology, engineering and industrial capabilities of a country of 260 Million people can do and many more things like that, then imagine what 6 Billion people could do. It is an exciting thought.

We might not be able to time travel, but we might be able to colonise Mars or the Moon at last and at lest. We even might be able to live in…wait for it…live in harmony with the fellow human beings – in a utopia. I am not saying that the US is going to lead us to a utopia or that it is going to destroy human civilisation, I just saying that all countries and the human species as a whole have good things about us and bad things about us – the ying and the yang if you like. Although I should point out that I do not think it is a good idea to see everything in black and white because everything is always seems to be a whole lot more complicated than that.

I will add my 2 cents worth to where the Human civilization should go next, how we can get there, what are good things about us, what are bad things about us, what Globalisation is and what influences it, what economics can do for Globalisation, what Science & Technology can do for Globalisation, what religion can do for Globalisation, what politics can do for Globalisation, what the average person can do for Globalisation, how Globalisation will affect the environment, what Present AND future Superpowers will influence it, which way does the ice cream lid go one and what colour do smerfs go when they are chocking. I will try to do all of this without all that American bullshit and in a manner that is clear, precise, and logical. THESE ARE ONLY MY IDEAS! I am not an IT&T professional yet and I’m at TAFE doing a course on IT&T and will be for a few years yet. I will try to be as humble as possible and not use the words ‘I’ and ‘Me’ all the time. I will use words like ‘God’, or ‘Globalisation’ and other buzz words in a very broad and lose sense. If you read something in this essay that is ripped-off, bullshit or just plain wrong please write to me – and don’t sue!!


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