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Theo Engelaer: The words the president did not yet speak at the United Nations...

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7. We have a firm resolve to negotiate an honourable end all existing conflicts, including the war on drugs within the next five years, the liberation of Middle Eastern and Balkan nations and all other existing conflicts world-wide. As from today forward, our imperial aspirations will be directed away from the Earth towards the exploration of the Universe.

8. Hundreds of millions of people have died during the last century and are still dying daily on the altar of scientific materialism, with apparently no end in sight! It is this very condition that we are about to change with our new global policy directions. The stream of victims paraded daily across our television screens in the last fity years are giving added urgency to our resolve to end this needless mass slaughter.

9. We intend to further relax political and economic tensions worldwide by allowing all peoples to govern the economic, political, scientific and technological development of their nations themselves according to the cultural values and needs of their citizens.

10. Our new policies are intended to initially strengthen national independence, regional autonomy and local involvement in the political economies within each nation of the world. After we succeed in making peace amongst ourselves, we will all feel more relaxed about opening our borders to our fellow global citizen living in other nations. This process is of course already under way amongst many nations, but our policies will give this process an added impetus and new reasons for being.

11. We will not build new expensive weapons systems and thereby provoking a new Cold War nuclear or conventional arms race. Instead we will strengthen our policies of negotiated disarmament with our allies and former adversaries alike over existing nuclear weapons, including depleted uranium projectiles, fuel air explosives, chemical, biological and all other weapons of mass destruction.

12. It is useful to remember that since the end of WW II, the world has known more than two hundred wars and thousands of covert actions. Of course, not very covert to those who suffered because of these actions. The presence of weapons of mass destruction has merely enabled the Multinational Corporate State Regime to continue the Age of Conquest to the present day.

13. We are satisfied that collectively, we already have all the human, intellectual and material resources at our disposal to create such a civilization. This of course is in sharp contrast to the way these possibilties are treated in our corporate media until now, for reasons that can be best described as short-sighted concerns over the continued commercial viability of carbon and nuclear based energy production systems and the need to fight for continued access to current energy supplies to fuel the excesses of materialism and for the purpose of economic and political domination.


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