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Neli Demireva: The incredible adventures of the black people

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The citizens of some countries on our planet were anxious about the suicidal minds of the “kamikazes” that would blow their heads off in the presence of the citizens’ families. They became hysterical if a man with a beard, dark complexion and some kind of explosive such as dynamite or C4 in his bag was standing ten feet away of them in the car of a train or even worse if unowned rucksack was peacefully stretched within their eyesight. These people expected with almost unquestionable certainty that the “kamikazes” were surreptitiously gathering weapons for mass destruction and expected the first hydrogen and atomic bombs to start falling on their heads any minute. They were certainly paranoiac. But so were the people on the other side of the front line who were convinced that they had been manipulated, exploited, used, and suppressed ever since they were born just because they were swarthy, of different religion, and had something precious that those other scoundrels wanted. They advocated a “sacred war” and they were almost certain that it would solve all their problems.
Neither of the two groups was homogenous or clearly defined. Within each there were numerous subdivisions, whole bunches of people that hated viciously their opponents and wanted them dead. The “otherness” was not held in very high esteem; everybody was the other for everybody else, and almost everybody rejoiced at the thought of crushing, humiliating and strangling another one. No wonder mankind was threatened by extermination since there were so many “others” thinking that they have so little in common. In comparison with the world as we know it today, the human beings in 2015 constantly found things they could differentiate in – their appearances, the color of their skin, their religious convictions, social status, marital status and political orientation. They prided themselves on being Greek, Bulgarians, French, Polish, Iraqi, Italian, Israeli, British, Americans, Moroccans, Syrian, Yugoslavian, Albanian, … and they forgot that they were simply human beings. In addition they boasted of belonging to different religious denominations - Protestants, Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhists, Muslims, as well as followers of all kinds of other religious groups. In fact, every denomination thought of its non-members as of apostates and lost souls who should be taught the right ways of God. There were still other crazier ones, who bragged of being materialistic, pragmatic, and down-to-earth and declared themselves to be the only sane patients of this mass asylum.


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