Utopian World Championship

By Pater: To The Rulers and Peoples of Nations.

By Ciprian Pater

Competition year: 2004
Place: 4
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What defines the reality of Mankind? And how much do the economic values through out the whole earth and in all nations define the lives of mankind??

The values as such are attained by the currency in its physical form of coins and bills, they are the symbols that men throughout the ages have created, that there might be a way to exchange not only the "cow" for the "coin" but also the coin to another physical entity either humanly created or in its natural current shape and state of existence, in this co inhabited world we live in, thereof the currency defines the current state of that which is traded. Hence to begin with far back in history, things "merchandise” were simple possessions, found or fought for, and were originally changed for other merchandise i.e. " a horse for two cows ". The current state of any matter is always physical, the cow as the coin exists at the same time, therefore when we as humans are placing the value of any creature or physical entity, into the form of another physical entity, which has itself another inertia and time of life. It contradicts itself, for such a system is based on the amount of resources the earth provides, be it animals or elements used by humans in all ways of life, thus our system of currency as the value upon Life is wrong in that it confines unnecessary amounts of one type of “elements” i.e. a cow, into a much lesser amount of actual symbols used as money. Who else but humans would claim that a piece of paper is more worth than a cow?

This unstable theory so creates the error in value placing on mans ownership over nature, whereas, instead man belongs to hierarchy in which nature has most worth on humans, and lesser on all other elements, hence humans have gone wrong in placing a greater value than themselves upon another element of nature that in fact is much, much lesser than themselves, Money, who else but humans could imagine that a few metals are more worth than a human being?

We as a global and financial dependent being, made out of many yet one like the other alike in basic needs and desires, are unaware of that which has created our knowledge and for what purpose it has done so concerning the wisdom of humans of all the elements surrounding them and within them.

In Swedish and Norwegian at least is the saying, "jag setter pris på” which may be translated in two important meanings, the first that is actually the intention of the saying, " I appreciate it", rather secondly it is word by word written as " I put a prise on it "

What ever we humans believe we are allowed to do, and even those whom do against the laws of men, they to believe that their house or apartment, that in their church or building, there is allowed many of the things which cab be done, which without money would not give an opportunity to exercise. Lawful or lawless behaviour because of money are both the cause to suffering, because of the lack of support societies shows globally, the support which the law abiding humans would be able to use and establish as an all humanly encompassing law which will be abided by all humans, for the well of all beings.


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