Utopian World Championship

A Theory on How to Become a Utopia

By John Edmund Kimber Darling

Competition year: 2001
Place: 11
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I went to this private, Anglican school in a town called Bowral in the NSW Southern Tablelands. I hated it. I hated all the schools I went to. All four. School, in my opinion, is a good idea, like Communism, turned bad. It was really boring. I really hated how Teachers would imply that if you failed the HSC, or not go to Uni, you where a loss and a failure. I hated now that it you did not think a certain way then you were no good at school and, therefore life. I hated how they tried to brainwash you into believing that the world worked the way you were taught. The teachers tried to clamp down on freedom of speech and were only interested in maintaining the “system”.

You see, the ‘system’ only cares about the continuation of the status quoi – it does NOT like individual thought, like “What if there is not God?” and “How do those scientists know that they have got it right?” It is amazing – we believe in all these things without any real, rock-hard evidence, like proof or facts. I guess that is the problem with issues like global warming. It will have such profound affect of the human race and the planet, but we hardly know how the planet’s environment works let alone how it is changing and is it because of human development.

Anyway, I started reading. I started reading a lot. When, in English class, we were meant to be reading stupid books like ‘Animal Farm’, ‘Of Mice and Men’ or ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, I was reading ‘The Population Bomb’ or ‘A Brief History of Time’. I also loved science fiction. ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ is the best science fiction book ever written. I started watching doco’s on Black Holes and Time Travel with stupid, American physicists living out childhood dreams of romantic fantasies by saying stuff like time travel was possible and there are millions of extraterrestrial civilizations out there in the Universe.
“Bullshit”, I thought.
“Where are they (the aliens) then?”
“Why haven’t we been invaded by Time Terrorists from the future?”

Americans…they can be real stupid at times. It’s not only there scientists that can be dumb. They bomb third would countries, they slapped economic sanctions on New Zealand for saying that the Superpowers should disarm Nuclear weapons, they banned evolution in schools, they shot down that civilian airliner in the Gulf in ’88, and why did they try to impeach Bill Clinton? They release over 1/3rd of the human race’s CO2 emissions, 40 million Americans don’t have a proper health care system and they can’t even elect their head-of-state without in ending up in the courts yet they dare to lecture the rest of the world about democracy? Those yanks should fix up they own problems before interfering with other countries problems.

The United States of America, the worlds sole only Superpower (spelt with a capital “S”) is a pompous, arrogant, obnoxious, self-centred, self-obsessed, over-bearing, over-indulgent, paranoid, superstitious, aggressive, treacherous, suit wearing, stupid gun-happy republic of lobbyists that has little interest in the common good, will certainly destroy this world though their life styles and wants to turn the world into a series of payed-for, staged live advents. They only care about Money – Greenbacks that is. This convoluted and ritualistic “country” is obsessed is maintain the Status quoi – the ‘system’ I was talking about earlier. The USA has turned Australia and Canada into the 53rd and 54th states, Japan into the world’s biggest aircraft carrier, Europe a backwater and greater Asia into its battleground. This Globalisation they are obsessed with? It is just the Americanisation – the disneyifcation – of the human race. Globalisation is just designed to make US corporations more greenbacks (money) via the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO. Screw everything and everybody else.


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