Utopian World Championship

The words the president did not yet speak at the United Nations...

By Theo Engelaer

Competition year: 2001
Place: 2
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Dear Delegates, Fellow Americans and Global Citizens,
On this historic Christmas day of the year 2001, I am privileged to speak on the behalf of my government, its agencies and all Global Citizen, the major multinational corporations, financial institutions, world trade organizations and our colleagues who head the governments of our major trading partners and allies, to announce new Information Age economic and global policy directions.
Our aim is to foster a new climate of understanding and goodwill that will enable us as an intelligent species to go forward into the new millennium with renewed vigour and sense of purpose we hope all global citizens can aspire to.
So I call upon all us gathered here today and all Global Citizens viewers, listeners and readers of goodwill to support our efforts to implement the general direction and intention of...

Our New Information Age Policy Directions Statement
1. We like our viewers and listeners to know that our new global policy directions statement made by us here today is firmly based on facts already in the public domain. We're not revealing any secrets other than those that become available each year under our freedom of information laws.

2. We recognize mankind is at an important crossroad in the development of our species' life on earth. As a species we have built a global technological empire over the last four hundred years and with our science and technology, we have effectively conquered the world. We now accept the necessity and obligation to reform the existing Multinational Corporate State Regime in line with our new understandings and foster a new and democratic means of world governance under the auspices of the United Nations which is user friendly to the earth and all its life forms.

3. We like to initiate global discussions for formation of a World Constitution, incorporating existing United Nations covenants and agreements with additional improvements etc., based on the democratic principles of one person one vote, with equal representation of men and women in a world parliament or congress and senate, proportional to the number of citizen or voters within each nation. Let us take enough time to get it right in a spirit of goodwill amongst all peoples! In the mean time.....

4. As good corporate and global citizens our aim is to create a New Global Renaissance leading to a New Global Citizen Civilization that will become the foundation of the inheritance of our children and grandchildren the world over.

5. Our policies cover the next 50 years and we urge global citizens to consider the individual elements of our new policies and their implementation over this period in total and in relation to each other for consideration.

6. We wish to pre-empt the possibility of a gradual, sudden or violent revolutionary political, economic and environmental global collapse by abandoning the imperial aspects of our current global Multinational Corporate State Regime. We are going to dismantle the scientific military industrial complex and transform ourselves into a peaceful, high technology and renewableenergy information age civilisation!


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