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The full text of Pathway to Utopia is a new way of thinking for a new world

By Noel Edward Mundy

Competition year: 2001
Place: 7
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Our fast changing world has brought people to a closer consciousness of one another. The immediacy of television has also brought feelings of fear, and insecurity. These feelings are difficult to understand as they are mostly deep below the conscious mind. Our world stands at historical crossroads. One pathway leads to a more equitable and caring world with greater tolerance between nations and a better understanding between different cultures. The other road? Mine is a strange story which is best told in separate parts. The first part ended in 1985 The second part restarted in 1988 and ended in May 1995. The following essay - also a tribute to C.G.Jung - has been severely shortened and edited. Even so, the essay is an accurate account of events from 1967 to 1989. The possibility of belief being mistaken for reality was sharply reduced when the national newspaper, The Australian , published an article on August 13, 1990, titled 'Science probes Key to Stress'. My full story was written in 1991 and is titled 'Those Silent, Subtle Forces'

It is difficult to describe how they arrive. They pay many fleeting visits before the conscious mind becomes fully aware of their presence. Description by analogy may be the best way. In early spring the valley is bathed in sunshine. It is a new day. The air is clear and crisp. There are no clouds. Everything is peaceful and familiar. One morning there appears to be gossamer mist forming but a moment later it has vanished. Perhaps we only imagined it. On another clear morning the mist reappears but, again, it quickly vanishes. Was it only imagination? As the summer progresses the mist forms more often. By late summer it appears in the same area, it has more substance, and each day it lasts a little longer. It is not a figment of the imagination. It exists. It is a reality. So it is with those silent, subtle forces that invade the mind. They come so quietly. Where do they come from? They come from the relics of our origins where they were purposely stored. The nucleus of lessons learned from past tragedies. They resurface in times of great danger. These are the reasons why species survive. With hindsight it must have been in 1967 when I experienced the first fleeting feeling that something was amiss. For many months I had been breaking off from everyday activity to ask myself what had been forgotten. There was never an answer and just as quickly as it had come the feeling would be gone. Within a few days it would return - a feeling of a task not quite completed - perhaps something that had been done incorrectly - or a visit intended but overlooked, but I could never find what it was. These feelings did not follow any pattern. They came on any day and at any time. Gradually they became more prevalent and more insistent. They were never related to any activity , whether at work, at home or on holidays. By 1973 I was quite puzzled. Almost every day a few moments were being spent pondering the problem - attempting to remember back. Perhaps something had been forgotten the day before - the week before, or even further back in time. This phenomenon was not a great worry. It could have been brushed aside - its existence denied but my curiosity had been aroused. There was something, but what? In brief, this phenomenon culminated many years later with an acute awareness of what was urgently needed. A paper was written outlining a modern system of government. The system would restore those feelings of security that were lost worldwide upon the arrival of nuclear weapons. That paper was widely distributed. In September, 1988, an even stronger feeling of danger returned. I was driven to the writings of Jung and to many publications of psychology, psychiatry, anthropology and philosophy but of prime importance all available information on the biological constraints on the human spirit (see footnotes). Six months later the first of a series of essays was written - the A.I.D.S. essays - The Conscious and the Unconscious.


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