Utopian World Championship

My utopia is the only nest we have. It is a game we must play for our survival.

By Janet Sealy

Competition year: 2001
Place: 7
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My Utopia would be simple enough for a Child to understand. Simplicity is essential for my Utopia. Afterall children will inherit my Utopia. My Utopia is like a spider's web, delicate, functional and strong, covering and sheltering the Nest in which Plants, Animals and Humans co-exist. Even a Child can understand this. Of course we will need Academics, Mathematicians and Scientists to solve the complicated details. That will be after we have set up the simple framework for my Utopia. We live in a complex world. Simplicity is imperative for my Utopia. Thus to start planning Utopia, even a child should be able to understand what Utopia is. Utopia is a Dream, a Wish, a Vision. My Utopia is a Landscape where everything in the Present moves in the light of the Past and is subject to the survival of the Future. Therefore, my Utopia will be peopled by men and women of Today, working for the children of Tomorrow, guided by the spirits of Yesterday. Remember, this is a Mother's Utopia.

My Utopia would be understood by the picture of a Nest. A nest is where we shelter, whether we are animals or humans. Animals and Humans need Plants to feed them. Indeed to make a Nest we need Plants. Thus we know that Humans, Plants and Animals all need each other to survive. We also understand that Humans, Plants and Animals must have clean Air, Water and Soil in order to survive. Even a child can understand this.

My Utopia would be called One Nest because this is all we have. We have One Nest where Plants, Animals and Humans must co-exist with equality or the balance will be destroyed and one or all of the Three will die out completely. In the One Nest we must keep the Air, Water and Soil clean or the balance will be destroyed and the Three will not survive. In the One Nest we must remember Past history, learn from Present mistakes and provide for Future Generations. Three is thus a useful number for My Utopia. Children can remember everything in threes. My Utopia can even be a Game. A game that adults must learn to play. Or One Nest will not survive.

In my Utopia everything would work to the power of Three. It would be a World Wide Web of simple connections. Converse,Connect,Communicate. By far the most important activity in my Utopia would have to be telling people Why we need to preserve One Nest by showing people What to do and When to do it. Academics, Mathematicians and Scientists know the answers but ordinary people need to know the simple Why, What and When because they chose the Governments who make the Rules, the Regulations and the Ropes. Thus to get Utopia working it is imperative that the billions who are Poor, Sick or Uneducated in One Nest can understand what we are trying to do. The Health, Wealth and Happiness of those who are Rich, Well and Educated ultimately depends on the Poor, the Sick and the Uneducated. Academics, Mathematicians and Scientists understand this.

Utopia has no Borders.
Every country in One Nest must understand that Utopia has no borders. What one country does to hurt or help another country comes full circle to hurt or help itself. This is because Air, Water and Soil have no borders. It is hard to draw lines between Past, Present and Future. Borders are man- made lines in our imagination. Every child in One Nest can understand this. The success of my Utopia depends on every adult being able to understand this.


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