Utopian World Championship

TIME FOR TIME - An Utopian Travelogue with Internet Connection

By Herbert Hofmann

Competition year: 2004
Place: 9
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On Globalized Capital-Democracy

While the term “globalization” started to infiltrate our minds and its effects irreversibly changed the face of our planet, the utopia TIME FOR TIME first was developed at the Philosophical Seminar of the Hamburg University in Germany. The book ZEIT FÜR ZEIT and the internet project http://www.timefortime.net followed.

Little by little it is more generally accepted that the “one-world-idea” was not at all designed to improve the living standards of the masses, but that it much rather serves the interests of a few multi-national enterprises and their protagonists. Under the cloak of democratizing the world, the fatal modernist project of Francis Bacon takes its destructive and unrestrained course – up to completely rationalizing and dehumanizing all traditional values and the very foundations of life.

The beneficiaries of this morbid system, namely the caste of managers, the staff of corporations and institutions, politicians, militarists and investors, call this system @democracy®©™ which is worth fighting for.

The masses, however, lose out by being confronted with an unleashed and ruthless capitalism. All over the world they were and are gradually sacrificed on the altar of the so-called democracy. They are deprived of power, expropriated, separated and degraded to slaves, who, if at all, may wipe the Pugo of the globalized capital-democracy, namely the caste of workers and consumers, the caste of the discarded, the caste of the exploited and the caste of cannon-fodder to name but a few.

Herb Buchlowski and Andreas Friedrich Halle have dedicated their utopian project TIME FOR TIME to them by analyzing the existing system and by investigating its blind spots. At the same time, they have looked for ways out and designed a form of utopian global society. They have abolished money, borders and the belief in the infinite economic growth. They have established a world-wide network and came across caring people who reflected on what to do with their life time. Many of them have entered into a discussion with the authors and contributed their ideas to TIME FOR TIME. On the one hand, the work criticizes the existing social conditions and, on the other hand, offers possibilities as to how people may deal differently with the means they have.

The site http://www.zeitfuerzeit.net offers (at the moment only in german language) a wide range of information on the subject of "Utopia": Apart from numerous annotated links the interactive book project TIME FOR TIME by the Hamburg based authors Herb Buchlowski and Andreas Friedrich Halle is presented, an Utopian travelogue which invites you to join in.


TIME FOR TIME - An Utopian Travelogue with Internet Connection


When we wrote this utopia in 1993, we could by no means have imagined it would develop into a project that by now has lasted for ten years.


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