Utopian World Championship

2012, the year all times will meet

By Roland Mollbrandt

Competition year: 2004
Place: 9
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2012, The year all times will meet!

Prologue Background and explanations

Chapter 1 Status 2006

Chapter 2 First contact

Chapter 3 Preparations

Chapter 4 On our way to our first meeting

Chapter 5 Day 2 Study tour

Chapter 6 Day 3 Visiting historical sights

Chapter 7 Day 4 Round-table talks

Chapter 8 Night club visit

Chapter 9 Day 5 Reflections

Chapter 10 Meeting the collective consciousness

Chapter 11 Returning home

Epilogue About personal commitment

2012, The year when all times will meet!

A vision of the future

Authored mainly through channelling


Roland Mollbrandt

Published, july 20 2001


The main purpose of this novel is to visualize a different kind of world, to the world many of us and a growing number of people think is cold, cynical and above all destructive. Many also believe that were heading for disaster if nothing is done to change course. The main reason we do not seem to be able to change course, is that we have nothing to compare our selves against, thus not knowing what else to do.
We simply lack any realistic comparison to the world we all have created and which we therefore share the responsibility for.

But if you think that this vision is realistic or not or even worth pursuing, is entirely up to you. Iím not saying this is the truth or that this is the way it will happen, this is simply the way I would like us to behave and interact with each other.

Should you however choose to disagree with me and/or have different opinion, you can be certain I will respect it no matter what.

This is simply my vision and this is how I choose to portray it in the form of a window to the future.

Before we begin, there are a few things that need to be said about the unfolding events and I also need to give the main character ĎDorioní a short description.

Dorion is a fifty-year old immigrant son who feels quite insecure although he has some very fine human qualities, but what does it do him in a cynical world where everything is measured in money and power.

During the ten years that have passed since his divorce, he has had a handful, rather short relationships with women, where some of the women have taken advantage of his kindness, up to or beyond the limit of decency. In hindsight it is likely that most of his relationships have gone sour due to inadequate communication and that their needs and wishes couldnít be fulfilled.

Periods of unemployment during the last recession didnít improve his confidence either, although his confidence is recovering again since he has been working as a journalist on a major news organization a few years now, which is slowly building up his self esteem again.


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