Utopian World Championship

Bold New Worldwide Meta-Cooperation Systems and Patterns

By Seth Nowak

Competition year: 2004
Place: 9
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Challenges to readers

Utopia is very close. We are absolutely on the verge of a new era of global improvements to our collective well being.

Opportunities are opening up and problems are being solved at a rate and with a scope far beyond our potential to recognize and appreciate them. Even that potential to comprehend, to coordinate, and to implement what is before us is subject to the increasing pace of utopian patterns. Utopia is more than an abstract distant theoretical possibility. The colossal forces leading to it are already at work. It is by no means guaranteed, though, and great vigilance and effort may be required of us.

I am asking a very great deal of you as you read this. Please bring sufficient and adequate demand for rigor, effort, self-awareness and open-mindedness for the essence of this essay to become plain to you. Maybe it could take hold in the world, bloom, replicate and benefit many people.

It is better to err on the side of boldness because this really does matter. It may be that putting forth visions of utopia is inherently a project which to succeed requires unprecedented arrogance. We can leave that to historians to evaluate later after these ideas prove correct, or at the very least useful in some way.

What is at stake in the Utopian World Championship?

To answer this question, it might help to consider just how we expect utopia might come about. An international competition such as this, with a large number of entries from diverse origins, with many perspectives evaluating the entries might be one avenue for it. It is intentional, open to many, and by design. This could be it. Let us take this seriously. Or at least have fun with the notion that we might be onto something fantastic, unbelievable, and yet, real.

What has value, meaning, utility, or importance at all?

That is a philosophical question subject to debate. Set it aside. For now, please consider that by definition, a global shift to utopia is not just a pleasing idea, but THE best possible thing that could ever be. Even the possibility of increasing the probability of it gives us an enormous positively glowing incentive to study every kernel of every concept to see if, just maybe, we have found the critical elements.

What is the preferred frame of mind to read with? What is the project that lies before evaluators of each UWC entry?

Do you seek beauty of articulation, architectural plans for a geometrical city, or perhaps novelty, cleverness? An entry in UWC, or some ideas embodied or embedded within it, could be precious or might be a missing ingredient that tips the balance toward new world systems and previously unimaginable benefits for us all. If your goal is to pick the best entry and cast your vote with confidence, I’d ask one more thing of you. Find the stuff than can be acted on in the possible real world. Tease it out as you may and then run with it.

I am not a fiction writer, nor a trained journalist. You are responsible for your perceptions and interpretation of this document. This could be the "Rosetta Stone" for a watershed, critical mass, exponential, world-changing set of ideas. Please do not miss the nuggets of truth if they are in here because it is not written in poetry, witty dialogue, or in captivating verse with a page-turning story-line. Identify your perceptual and cultural filters, be aware of them, and play around with the possibilities to see if some of this verbiage could have substance.


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